Things to remember for your driving test

Taking your driving test is nerve racking. For many people, it’s the biggest test they have taken in their whole lives. To reduce the worry and pressure slightly, we have created a list of things to remember for your driving test.

Car on the day

For some of you reading this right now, you might be laughing, but many people think the test centre will provide a car for the test. This is not the case.

You need to turn up in a car accompanied by a qualified driver who is legally allowed to accompany you. You must provide a road worthy car that must be taxed and insured for the purpose of the test.

The person accompanying you doesn’t have to be a driving instructor, nor does your car have to have dual controls in it. The person accompanying you must be at least 21 years old with at least 3 years driving experience. If the person accompanying you holds an automatic licence then they are only legally allowed to assist you in an automatic vehicle.

Hire cars are acceptable for the driving test, as long as they are insured correctly.

Road worthy car

You must make sure the car is roadworthy. This means things like brake lights, head and tail lights, direction indicators etc. should all work. You should also check your tyres to make sure there are no cuts, bulges or nails in it. If it would fail an MOT test, it won’t be accepted for the driving test.

Provisional licence

Another thing to remember for your driving test is your provisional licence. No licence means no driving test. The examiner won’t take you out, no matter what your excuse is. You should also bring your theory test pass certificate as well. It’s unlikely the examiner will ask you for it, but if the examiner is working to rule, they may ask for it and if you don’t have it, they could refuse to take you out for your driving test.

L plates and interior mirror

You should provide an interior mirror for the examiner’s use and L plates on the front and back of the car.

Car type

You are not allowed to take your test in many convertible cars and two seaters. If you are unsure if your car is acceptable for the driving test, you could contact the DVSA in advance.

Show me, tell me questions

Make sure you know all of the show me, tell me questions in advance, you can visit them here.

It’s also important that you can do all the show me questions while you are driving. You will be asked the show me question whilst driving.

Correct test centre

It sounds silly, but many cities have more than one test centre. For example, people taking their driving lessons in Leicester, Oxford, Cambridge, Leeds, London and other cities often have more than one test centre to choose from.

Many learners book the test, don’t look at the paper work and then instructor often assumes it’s an alternative test centre or the pupil forgets and tells the instructor the wrong location.


Double check your eyesight 3-4 weeks before your driving test. If you can’t read number plate from 20 metres, you won’t be allowed to take the driving test.

Good luck with your driving test coming up. If you are looking for driving lessons in Bedford to prepare of the test the we can help you otherwise for more information about using your own car for your driving test, visit the DVSA website.

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