Intensive Driving Course

Intensive Driving Course In Kettering

Depending on what part of Bedford you live in and quickly you want to pass your driving test you may be looking at alternative options. For many pupils residing in the MK44 postcode which is associated with Bedford it usually takes the same amount of time to get to Kettering test centre as it does for Cardington.
Many learners taking their driving lessons in Bedford that live in areas such as Sharnbrook can get a test sooner at Kettering test centre.
On top of that, you may find taking your driving lessons in Kettering with driveJohnson’s (Our sister company) a little bit easier in regards to preparing for the driving test.

Kettering test centre has fewer test routes than Cardington test centre, and most pupils feedback is the area is easier to learn with less complicated junctions.

At driveBedford we can offer you a package where you start your lessons with us as a beginner and then at a later date we find you an instructor who can prepare for your test in Kettering. Alternatively, if you live in MK44 postcode area, then you may choose to start and finish your learning to drive experience in Kettering.

We believe in teaching safe driving for life, but we also understand everyone’s lives are different, and for those who are in a rush due to life/work commitments this may be a solution to your problem.

What can I expect from an intensive driving course in Kettering?

  • If you are a beginner, your instructors will typically start with the foundation’s subjects first and make sure these are really strong. If you have good clutch control, steering and a thorough understanding of the gears, you will cope with the middle and test route preparation really well. Saving you money in the long run and giving you the best possible chance of passing the first time.
  • If you come to us partly trained or almost test ready, then we usually recommend a 2-hour driving assessment. After the 2 hour assessment, we can tailor you a course to suit your needs – giving you the best possible chance of passing the first time!

Where will you go on your test in Kettering?

Typically the examiners will aim to test you on all road types. However, expect to go on either the A43 or A14. There’s a big Spiral roundabout that connects these two roads, and with the new driving test implementations, the DVSA examiner’s will want to test your ability to make progress and overtake when necessary. You will start the test from Kettering test centre on Orion Way and make your way out onto built up 30mph areas. So expect meeting situations early on when you are in the 30mph areas.

If you take your driving test at 8:10 am you can expect the examiner to avoid some of the busier areas and typically they will head for some more rural/countryside roads which some pupils have reported are a bit easier.

The test will take around 40 minutes, and you won’t enter Wellingborough or Northampton so don’t worry about learning those areas if your primary focus is passing the test – stay in and around Kettering. Good luck!

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