4 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Drive

There are many benefits that open up to you once you have gained your full UK driving licence, the most popular amongst young people being the ability to have your own space and develop more responsibility.

However, there are many more reasons why you should consider starting your driving lessons and gaining a licence.

I will be going through a list of quick benefits that you can look at gaining in as little as 6-months.

#1 Gaining Freedom
Like we mentioned above, it provides you with an element of freedom that you have never had before. You suddenly have the ability to transport yourself to places, meet friends, travel more and generally become more of a responsible adult.

Oh and of course, to be the designated driver to and from college until your friends start to pass.

#2 Employment
Those that apply for jobs and hold a valid licence will have a considerable advantage over those that currently rely on public transport.

Employers appreciate that not everyone can afford to run their own car, however, they will prefer to hire someone that can be reliable and manage to get to the start of shifts and appointments on time.

#3 Travel
Having access to your own vehicle will enable to you travel more and enjoy new experiences.
Of course, being a budding young 17-year old will have its limitations, however, you can expect to see more, do more and not have to worry about other people’s decisions as you are now the one in charge.

#4 More Authority
As a driver, you have more of a say in what happens and where you travel to.

If you and your friends fancy an off the cuff trip but can’t decide where to go – as the driver, your decision is final. Without the driver, how else will they get there?
Start your driving lessons in Burnley with a qualified driving instructor. driveJohnson’s provide driving lessons across the country and specialise in passing new drivers safely and quickly.

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