The Driving Test Mark Sheet

The driving test mark sheet is something that not many learner drivers have seen, so here at Drive Bedford, we want to encourage learner drivers to know what the mark sheet is about and what it all means. The DVSA doesn’t hide the mark sheet away from learner drivers, so there’s no problem with being familiar with what is expected on your driving test and how you will be marked.

There are so many different areas where you can be marked down on the sheet.

In one particular area, you can get up to 4 minors, if you get more than this, you are likely to get a serious or dangerous fault and therefore fail your driving test.

On the driving test mark sheet, you can see that there are ‘S’ and ‘D’ sections. If there is a mark in either of these sections, even if it is just one throughout your whole test, the result of the test would be a fail. However, you will not usually find out the result of your test until the end.

driving test mark sheet

If for any reason you do fail the driving test, the driving examiner will allow you to keep the mark sheet, where on the back, are explanations of the areas which you can be marked down.

The explanations below are provided by the DVSA and show the guidelines and expectations for the areas which you are marked on during your test.

If you have failed your driving test and after reading the guidelines, think that you have been unfairly marked in any area, you can appeal your result by writing to the DVSA.

If you would like more information about your test after taking driving lessons in Bedford, contact us on: 0800 458 1226

driving test guidelines 1driving test guidelines 2

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